Sylvan Lake Bahá’í Centre offers a full range of clean and quiet accommodations sure to suit your needs and budget.

Private Rooms

There are sixteen private guest rooms located in a more secluded space on the premises. Each room accommodates up to 4 people and has a private bathroom. A couple units have joint access and a couple more are wheelchair accessible.


There are six rooms in our newer building ideal for families and individuals who are willing to share accommodations. There are single beds, doubles beds, as well as bunk beds available. Communal washrooms with shower stalls are located on the same floor.


For the more rustic guests, there are cabins available. Each cabin has 2 rooms with 3 bunk beds in each, plus 1 single bedroom. There is a wood-burning stove to keep you warm. Washrooms are located in central trailers.


If you wish to bring tent, tent trailer, or RV, we have space for you with electrical outlets you can access.

Limited Room Availability

Space is limited for some of our programs for safety and legal reasons.

In the case of Winter School, room availability is limited to 72 spots. Of course, guests are welcome to stay in hotels in the City of Sylvan Lake.

Children’s Summer Camps are limited to 48 children per session in order to maintain a 4:1 children to counselor ratio as per Alberta Law.

These restrictions will be strictly enforced by the Registration Office.

No Guarantees

Sylvan Lake Baha’i Centre does its best to make everyone comfortable. However, because of limited space, please understand that the personal guest rooms (a.k.a. the “motels”) will be prioritized to disabled persons and the elderly and families with very young children.