These rates are basic rates for the Baha’i Programs held at our facilities. Unless otherwise advertised our rates are as follows:
Regular rates (including 1 night and 3 meals):

  • Adults: $59.99/day
  • Youth (15-17): $10.00/day
  • Children (0-14): Free/day

DAY rates (including 3 meals):

  • Adults: $10.00/day
  • Youth (15-17): $5.00/day
  • Children (0-14): Free/day

Program Rates

Costs for each program vary per session. Please refer to the prices listed on each program’s specific page for details.


  • Guests 14 and under are free.
  • There are no costs for Facilitators, Directors, and Junior Youth and Children’s Class Coordinators. (This does not include their families.)

Please be aware that by registering online, by fax, phone or mail, you agree to all terms and conditions and agree to all rates and fees associated with your reservation.

Financial Assistance

Cost should not be a deterrent to participating in the programs offered at the Sylvan Lake Baha’i Centre.

Financial assistance is available through the Baha’i Council. Please contact the Baha’i Council with any requests or questions.